Artists Space

The Biographical Illusion

Screening & Discussion
April 16, 2014, 7pm

Lili Reynaud Dewar tests out a new idea for a long-term research project, involving writing underwhelming biographies, as she chooses a member of castillo/corrales as a guinea pig.

A floor covered in fabric and wires.
Installation view from The Issues of Our Time (3): Less Time, More Issues. Curated by castillo/corrales. Artists Space, 2014. Photo: Adam Reich [A floor covered in fabric and wires.]

It is followed by, or may actually run parallel with, a discussion about the biographical condition of not just artists, but spaces too. The team of castillo/corrales, the artists present, and their New York guest that evening, artist Jason Simon, welcome you into a conversation that hopes to push another set of relationships forward.

Tonight we will also screen À l’ombre des lumières (“In the shadow of the lights,” 55 mins.), the second part of Leos Carax’s Pierre ou, les ambiguïtés, in which we see Pierre (Guillaume Depardieu) in an overwhelming karaoke performance.