Artists Space

The Afterlife of Slavery: Markets, Property and Race

Cheryl I. Harris

January 19, 2016, 7pm

In conjunction with Cameron Rowland's exhibition 91020000, Artists Space presents a talk by Cheryl I. Harris, Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Critical Race Studies at UCLA School of Law. Harris is the author of key texts in the field of critical race theory including "Whiteness as Property" (1993) and "Equal Treatment and the Reproduction of Inequality" (2001).

The title and table of contents page of an essay published in the Harvard Law Review.
Harris, Cheryl I, "Whiteness as Property." Harvard Law Review. Vol. 106, No. 8, June 1993. [The title and table of contents page of an essay published in the Harvard Law Review.]

Despite efforts to obscure slavery and indigenous dispossession in the genealogy and narrative of American nationhood, these realities remain deeply embedded in the relationship between race and markets where in fact race and economic domination are fused. Racial hierarchy is continually replenished through the market, while the market encodes property in accord with racial regimes. For example, "black" spaces are forever unstable, subprime, and "waste," making them always available for (re) appropriation through various technologies such as debt, (de)regulation, and development.
– Cheryl I. Harris

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