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Saturday, December 3
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Due to limited capacity, please RSVP for one evening only

Artists Space is pleased to present a new performance and installation by SCRAAATCH, the artist duo of E. Jane and chukwumaa (who also record music individually as MHYSA and lawd knows, respectively). Their commission at Artists Space draws on the choreography of prefight scenes in a selection of reality television shows. Sourcing gestures, sculptural objects, and sound of all types from these tense moments, the artists will activate sonic sculptures across three nights of aleatory sound, movement, and interactive video. SCRAAATCH has also invited photographer Elle Pérez to take part as a third performer and collaborator.

The project will be on view as an immersive sensory multimedia installation from November 23 – December 3.

Additional performances:
Friday, November 18, 7pm
Sunday, November 19, 8pm

A microphone and lights are set up in a field, with trees along the horizon line.
SCRAAATCH, Untitled July 4th Performance, 2022. Photo: Mo Costello. [A microphone and lights are set up in a field, with trees along the horizon line.]

Together, E. Jane and chukwumaa form the sound and performance-art duo SCRAAATCH. They create multimedia performances, experimental music, and hybrid DJ sets. Their work focuses on communication across the Black diaspora, generational trauma, social upheaval, and the social conditions of urban environments. They are interested in communication attempts, communication breakdowns, societal breakdowns, and how communication can be meditated on through performance. SCRAAATCH’s works employ a combined phenomenology of digital, visual, aural, and corporeal effects. Their performances typically unfold over durations that allow the viewer time to fully experience the feelings their sights, sounds, and gestures conjure.

Elle Pérez is an artist born and raised in the Bronx who lives in New York City. Their work considers the ways violence is attached to everyday life and pain as a catalyst for transformation. Their work is currently on view in the exhibition no existe un mundo poshuracán: Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane Maria at the Whitney Museum, New York.

Artists Space Venue is generously supported by Stephen Cheng, Lonti Ebers, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Allan Schwartzman, and David Zwirner.