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Quantum Entanglement: Producing Entangled Photon Pairs

February 20, 2018, 7pm

Shanni Prutchi, co-author of Exploring Quantum Physics Through Hands On Projects (Wiley 2012), will give a physics presentation entitled, "Entanglement: What Is It, How Is It Done, and Why Does It Matter?"

Detail view of an interferometer emitting a green light onto a white wall.
Amalle Dublon & Constantina Zavitsanos, Mach Zehnder Interferometer, 2018. [Detail view of an interferometer emitting a green light onto a white wall.]

Drawing on Prutchi's own experiments with producing entangled photons, the talk will demonstrate the nuts and bolts of how to produce entangled particles at home, and will discuss some of the implications of quantum entanglement, including its practical applications and its ontological relevance. Quantum entanglement refers to pairs or groups of particles for which the properties of each particle can’t be described independently of the others. Even when separated by a great distance from one another, these particles must be apprehended as a system.

Lindsey Andrews, whose research and writing have taken up the history of quantum physics and how it has been brought to bear on social life, will offer a response to Prutchi's talk and facilitate questions from the audience directly following.

Quantum Entanglement: Producing Entangled Photon Pairs is organized by Amalle Dublon & Constantina Zavitsanos in conjunction with the exhibition Coop Fund, Amalle Dublon & Constantina Zavitsanos, Devin Kenny, John Neff (February 11 – March 31, 2018)

Shanni Prutchi is a cybersecurity student at Rowan College. She has conducted research in the areas of radio astronomy, quantum physics, and quantum cryptography. She is also the co-author, along with Dr. David Prutchi, of Exploring Quantum Physics Through Hands-On Projects (Wiley, 2012).

Lindsey Andrews received her Ph.D. from Duke University in 2013. She has written two books of auto-theory: Letters to the Other World, about the entanglement of physicist Albert Einstein, novelist Ralph Ellison, and political prisoner George Jackson; and Horizontal & Hysterical, about femme theory and the medical history of hysteria. Andrews runs the tarot-inspired bar and community art space Arcana in Durham, North Carolina, where she writes and teach courses on science, medicine, race, and gender in literature at North Carolina State University.

Quantum Entanglement: Producing Entangled Photon Pairs. Talk documentation, February 19, 2018, Artists Space. [Video documentation of a figure giving a talk in front of a slide presentation.]