Artists Space

Joo-Hyun Kim, Ted Rees, Oki Sogumi

January 11, 2020, 3pm

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Mistaking aggression for rigor.
Mistaking rigor for aggression.
Mistaking either for the erotics of anger.
Mistaking the erotics of anger for being sure.
Mistaking being sure for another kind of doing-in-the-world.

–Oki Sogumi, from Corporeal Punishment, 2016

Joo-Hyun Kim, Ted Rees and Oki Sogumi present readings of their long-form work in an event organized by Sogumi for Artists Space. The three readers are poets and essayists all based in Philadelphia whose work is connected by speculative fiction, anticapitalist struggle, natural history, and materialism. 

Two furry, brown and mahogany moths stand back-to-back, behinds touching, on a green leaf. More leaves can be seen in the background.
Image provided by Oki Sogumi [Two furry, brown and mahogany moths stand back-to-back, behinds touching, on a green leaf. More leaves can be seen in the background.]

Joo-Hyun Kim is a poet based in Philadelphia. Their chapbook As Rhizomes We Will Live One Million Years or More Rhizomes (2014) can be downloaded at Birds of Lace Press.

Ted Rees is a poet and essayist who lives and works in Philadelphia. His first book of poetry, In Brazen Fontanelle Aflame, was published by Timeless, Infinite Light in 2018. Chapbooks include the soft abyss, The New Anchorage, and Outlaws Drift in Every Vehicle of Thought. Recent essays have been published in the Full Stop blog, Full Stop Quarterly, and ON Contemporary Practice’s monograph on New Narrative.

Oki Sogumi (b. 1988, Seoul, South Korea) lives and works in Philadelphia. She writes poetry and fiction about the horizon of doing things wrong, keeping odd hours, friendship, speculation, communism, and all the creatures. She is the author of Poems (2011-2017) published by Face Press, and chapbooks including Smear Jelly, Dreaming a Goo Daughter, Time Travel & Friendship (2016), Underglazy (2014), and Salt Wedge (2012).

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