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Notes on the Anthropocene: "What Must I Do?"
at the End of the World Stephanie Wakefield, 1882 Woodbine

May 16, 2014, 7pm

Tahrir is everywhere, Tokyo is Fukushima, and this civilization's truth producers have delivered it a terminal diagnosis. Welcome to the Anthropocene, the new geological era in which Man has been named prime mover and prime calamity, standing atop the growing pile of wreckage and able only to imagine an apocalyptic future with no hope of redemption.

In this threshold age, an undeclared state of war exists whose parameters come not from politics but ethics, not from the intellect but from life. What matters now is not announcing the catastrophe (everyone knows), but the sense we give to it, and how we lend force to emerging sensibilities and forms of life.

1882 Woodbine Street is a workshop, discussion space, and garden in Ridgewood, New York. One piece in a global constellation, it is a post-Sandy and post-Occupy experiment in collective research and organization.
On Fridays, it is a cafe.

Notes on the Anthropocene: "What Must I Do?" at the End of the World. Stephanie Wakefield. 1882 Woodbine. Talk. Friday, May 16, 2014, 7pm. Artists Space Books & Talks. 55 Walker Street. [A woman gives a talk with an image presentation projected on a screen behind her.]