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Log Cabin:
Sexual Politics, Now

February 5, 2005, 7pm

Gregg Bordowitz, Sexual Politics Now, 2005, and book signing of Bordowitz’s new book The AIDS Crisis is Ridiculous (MIT Press).

George W. Bush won the last election by appealing to the homophobia of a significant margin of the electorate. This resulted in the repressive ballot measures adopted in eleven states against the rights of lesbians and gays. The recent election is a harbinger of the ways the Republican party will use homophobia to increase its numbers. To consolidate its ranks, the Republicans will now try to appeal to poor people, people of color, and women by using gays, lesbians—and queers of all kinds—as scapegoats. Sexual politics are at the center of domestic politics now and they are intimately related to the Bush administration's militaristic agenda abroad. What forms will dissent take to resist the dangerous combination of nationalism and moralism developing before us?

– Gregg Bordowitz