Artists Space

keyon gaskin with Moya Michael & Zinzi Minott

Friday, December 16
Free RSVP here

Additional performances:
December 14, 7pm
December 18, 7pm

Artists Space is pleased to present three performances by keyon gaskin with Moya Michael & Zinzi Minott. One of the most mercurial choreographers and dancers working today, gaskin's work problematizes conventional notions of entertainment and artistic excellence in dance. Their dances are contingent and highly adaptable for the space and conditions in which they occur and invoke the dynamics between audience and performer to create a charged intensity that is virtuosically held and modulated, often with extremes of stasis and action, silence and noise. Their commission at Artists Space is the first time a performing artist will occupy the entirety of our downstairs venue and open upstairs galleries.

[keyon's two hands are gripping the top of an i-beam ceiling rafter and their leg wearing a black knee pad and combat boot is dangling from below the rafter far above and in front of a crowd/audience. The audience mostly looks up at keyon and one figure stands below keyon and in front of the audience holding a taut black rope that is also coming from the rafter, seemingly attached to keyon but that part of keyon's body is obscured by the rafter. The surrounding room is large and empty besides the bodies, with lots of windows and a hardwood floor. This image is a video still of a performance by keyon in 2015 in Porland, OR.]

Artists Space Venue is generously supported by Stephen Cheng, Lonti Ebers, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Allan Schwartzman, and David Zwirner.