Artists Space

Julika Rudelius

July 17, 2009, 6pm

Off Soho Suites Hotel, 11 Rivington Street

In a hotel suite, Rudelius displays two works, dealing with the construction of economical strategies, on each of the rooms' television monitors. Set in traditional offices and lounges in Washington D.C, the film Rites of Passage (2008) explores ambivalent game of power and dependency, domination and obedience between politicians and interns at the beginning of their professional careers in government. These relationship are observed as an almost erotic game where the distinctive sex appeal of power is a natural consequence and ingredient of “charismatic leadership.” For Economic primacy (2005), Rudelius selected five men for the video: a lawyer, a spin-doctor, a media advisor, a millionaire and a top manager. They pace around a generic office space and while they appear to be talking to themselves, they are in fact responding to questions Rudelius asks them over a hands-free phone. The five men's "monologues" discuss the importance and omnipotence of money.