Artists Space

It's Already Started

August 27, 2016, 7:30pm

Jordan Lord
Emma Hedditch
Mariana Valencia
with Carissa Rodriguez

It's Already Started is an evening of performances organized by No Total, a group who have been working at Artists Space Book & Talks since 2012.

An animation of two screengrabs from a phone, each showing the Pokémon "Gastly" above a computer screen with text reading "Whenever you do not understand what
Carissa Rodriguez, You Know the Rules. You Fall in Love. You Lose. Filmed by Jordan Lord, recaptured by Rodriguez through her Pokémon Go app. [An animation of two screengrabs from a phone, each showing the Pokémon "Gastly" above a computer screen with text reading "Whenever you do not understand what's happening in your life, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say, "God I know this is your plan just helpme through it."]

What is the difference between taking a position, choosing a platform and being granted one?
This is our platform.

Stories stand in for us; they capture us, too.
Stories hold us accountable.
Are other’s stories ever told as they should be?

Narrating = Accounting.
Narrating ≠ Accounting.
Accounts are lost, stolen, and appropriated.

We say nothing more than we need.

I seemed to be suggesting that I was doing a good deed by offering her this platform she hadn't asked for
Jordan Lord with Carissa Rodriguez

This is not quite a collaboration, though we have been working together and alone.
The girl in this song is incredibly powerful and intentional in her actions.
In a room full of people or in a crowded place, this girl has captured everyone's attention. Yet, her attention is solely directed at: You, oh, oh, you, oh, oh.

The number of mistakes I have made are just awesome. There is no number large enough to account for that.
– Alan Greenspan

How much time do we have? When can we rehearse?
Emma Hedditch

I don't mean collaboratively. I mean cooperatively, as in the worker, producer or consumer cooperatives that exist in other areas of work and life. I think one of the key principles is to give attention to what we have around us, rather than developing practices that project out to something speculative and possibly attainable.

A proud collection of notes to write a history for tomorrow
Mariana Valencia

The group No Total is a contemplation, growing without anticipation of arriving. We take position. We meet with one another, read, discuss, and sometimes write. We are curious about what happens surrounding knowledge and production. We surround.

We meet to share and change where, when, and how we work. There is a kind of work we want to do – the work of caring for one another, our practices, ourselves. This work is quite different from the work we need to do for subsistence, to provide the resources to take care of ourselves and others. We have day jobs and night jobs. We are thinking about these things.

We are implicated and escaping. We are in the know. We are partially funded, sharing spaces, and in need. We are parts. We are Ensemble. Our liminal bodies in the queered sphere are not lack.

We use our common senses to navigate a commons.

No Total is invitational.