Artists Space

Dean Blunt

July 19, 2013, 9pm

This show is the first solo performance by Dean Blunt in New York, following previous appearances by Hype Williams as part of Numina Lente, a festival curated by Keith Connolly and Jay Sanders in 2011.

A cartoon outline of two hands pressed together.
Dean Blunt, The Redeemer. [A cartoon outline of two hands pressed together.]

Artist and musician Dean Blunt is one half of Hype Williams, a London duo trading in foundation myths and misinformation, producing languid, dub-inflected sounds that archly defy categorization.

Blunt’s recently released solo album The Redeemer is similarly steeped in distanciating shifts between noise and rousing melody. In its jumps in cadence it resembles a theatrical score.

Dean Blunt: Live at Artists Space. Dean Blunt. Performance documentation, July 19, 2013, Artists Space. [Video documentation of a performance by a man dressed in black clothing and a hat.]