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Cecilia Corrigan with Macy Rodman, Will Rahilly, Cammisa Buerhaus, Leopold Brandt, Juiceboxxx and Leonardo DiCaprio

Book Launch & Afterparty
October 17, 2014, 8pm

This launch celebrates the publication of Titanic, the first full-length book by writer and performer Cecilia Corrigan, and brings together the most electrifying personalities of our time for a night-time cruise into a sea of epic glamour. Hosted by Macy Rodman and featuring Will Rahilly, Cammisa Buerhaus, Leopold Brandt, Juiceboxxx, and a first time ever original poetry reading by Leonardo DiCaprio.

A woman in a pink dress sitting at a table in a yard surrounded by stuffed animals and a tea set.
Photo: Gabe Hoot. [A woman in a pink dress sitting at a table in a yard surrounded by stuffed animals and a tea set.]

Floating majestically out of the the snow-bound wilds and gothic castles of Northern Illinois, Titanic, much like the earlier Twilight trilogy, is the tragic love story of our time and all-time, taking on the eternal struggle of inter-sentient romance. Alan Turing, standing in for intelligent life everywhere, loves and loses, snapchats and vibers and makes up to break up with his artificially intelligent conversational partner, standing in for Turing’s lover. Is typing “I want to be with you” over iMessage different or even better than saying it face to face? Do we think we're alone now?

As has been noted elsewhere, romantic tragedy inevitably transforms slapstick comedy, and Titanic is no exception, even if it's much bigger than that! An extravaganza of light, color and sound fills these pages in a tricked-out revue of all the best the 20th century had to offer: Buffy, Ludwig Wittgenstein, epistemic reasoning, and David Letterman.

At this party, the PYT you meet could be a cyborg, and will surely keep you guessing until the last cocktail is downed or downloaded. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s AI: but can you tell?

Hosted by
Macy Rodman

Introduced by
celebrity life coach Will Rahilly

Opening DJ set
Cammisa Buerhaus

Afterparty DJ set

Produced by
The Claudius App

Sponsored beverages by
Brooklyn Brewery

Just like the original trip, passengers can buy first, second and third class tickets for the six day voyage. Won't you join us, as we sail on home to Mother?

Titanic Launch: Because the ocean never tells.

Promotional video for Titanic, by Cecilia Corrigan, by Gabe Hoot. [A video of a woman in a pink dress sitting at a table in a yard surrounded by stuffed animals and a tea set. A man prepares tea and follows her around the yard as she tries to avoid him, eventually forcing her to drink the tea. At the end, the cover of Titanic by Cecilia Corrigan is shown.]