Artists Space

Lucy Raven

Artist Talk
January 28, 2011, 7pm

To coincide with Sean Snyder’s exhibition at Artists Space, Raven gave an audio-visual presentation introducing her current research into the global industry behind 3-D imaging. Taking in topics of standardization and one-eyed movie directors, her talk considers mediated perception, and its market driven mutations and migrations.

Artist Lucy Raven (b. 1977, based in New York) works with film, video and animation, and also the live format of the illustrated lecture, to present detailed accounts of global economic and social infrastructures. Her research-based practice also extends to writing and curating, including Nachleben (co-curated with Fionn Meade, 2010), a group exhibition that addressed associative thinking and image sequencing through the ideas of art historian Aby Warburg. Her recent writing is included in catalogues accompanying shows by Rachel Harrison (CCS/Whitechapel, 2010), Deborah Stratman (Gahlberg Gallery, 2010) and Nancy Shaver (Feature, 2008). She currently teaches at the Cooper Union and the School of Visual Arts in New York.