Artists Space

Abasement #69

March 18, 2024, 7pm

Monday, March 18
Free, no RSVP required

Performances by Victoria Shen, Tom Carter, Kid Millions & Jim Sauter, Jutta Koether & Patrick Derivaz, and Reg Bloor. DJs Crystal Spires & Spencer Herbst. Visuals by Carolyn Funk.

Magazine cut-outs and ink drawings are collaged together on a pale yellow background, with red and orange accents throughout. Cut up pieces of light pink paper are scattered throughout the image, and feature typewritten text listing the performers and event details.
Flyer by Joe Frivaldi. [Magazine cut-outs and ink drawings are collaged together on a pale yellow background, with red and orange accents throughout. Cut up pieces of light pink paper are scattered throughout the image, and feature typewritten text listing the performers and event details.]

Abasement is a monthly music series featuring performances, a guest DJ, and a projectionist. Beginning in 2015 at Max Fish bar in New York's Lower East Side, the evening brings together artists and bands working in free improvisation, jazz, noise, minimalism, and experimental composition. When Max Fish permanently closed due to Covid, one of the few experimental music venues in Manhattan temporarily ceased to exist. Artists Space is pleased to continue hosting Abasement.

Victoria Shen (aka Evicshen) is a sound artist, experimental music performer, and instrument-maker based in San Francisco. Shen's sound practice is concerned with the spatiality/physicality of sound and its relationship to the human body. Her music features analog modular synthesizers, vinyl/resin records, and self-built electronics. Her multimedia practice extends beyond musical composition and performance to include installation and non-traditional methods of distribution. Her DIY approach to deconstructing the concepts of “materiality, value and mass production” both integrate and re-contextualize the formats of the readymade and assemblage techniques. For recent performances, she pioneered the use of Needle Nails, acrylic nails with embedded turntable styluses, which allow her to play up to 5 tracks of a record at once.

Tom Carter’s electric guitar work weaves strands of melody, drone, fuzz, and charged silence into intricately detailed instant compositions. He lives in Houston, Texas. Best known for his work with iconoclastic acid-folk improvisers Charalambides (which he co-founded with Christina Carter in 1991), Tom Carter has focused on solo performances and recordings since 2012. His 2015 double LP on Three Lobed Records Long Time Underground is the final installment of a trilogy begun in 2009 with The Dance From Which All Dances Come and continued with 2014’s Numinal Entry. Long Time Underground was selected as the number-one experimental album of 2015 by The Out Door/ Pitchfork.

Kid Millions is a founding member of Oneida and the ace behind the percussion-focused Man Forever. Jim Sauter is synonymous with the 40 plus-year juggernaut Borbetomagus -- pioneers of sound/jazz vivisection and inexorable vision. Since 2012 these two pushed forth this magnificent grandeur, merging physical power/sweat and sculpted electricity/stretched skins. While both are known for feats of extreme artistic endurance, as a duo they opt for ferocious concentration -- a savage pop-style of density and texture.

Jutta Koether is a German artist, writer, and musician split between New York and Berlin. Her work is part of the permanent collections of The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Musee d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris; Nationalgalerie, Berlin; Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland; MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Her multiple collaborations, include participation in the collective Reena Spaulings, and her performances with Rita Ackerman, Tony Conrad, Kim Gordon, John Miller, Steven Parrino, and Tom Verlaine.

Patrick Derivaz was born in France. Lives and works in New York. Studied music at the Conservatoire d'Aix-en-Provence. Classes in Bass, Solfège, Harmony, Orchestra, Electroacoustic. Composes, produces, performs, records and mixes a wide range of innovative and cross-cultural styles of music. His compositions and works have been performed or featured at: Merkin Hall, Symphony Space, the 40th anniversary of Lincoln Center Out of Door Festival, Audubon Society (Prospect Park, NY), the Creative Kids Museum (Calgary, Canada), and the Cézanne Centennial in Aix en Provence (France). Selected artists involved with include: Laurie Anderson, Erikah Badu, Ruben Blades, Paul Bley, Glenn Branca, John Cale, De La Soul, Phillip Glass, Diamanda Galas, Allen Ginsburg, Henry Grimes, Ethan Hawke, Joan LaBarbara, Denis Leary, Alvin Lucier, Luna, Charles Mingus Band, Marc Ribot, Max Roach, Television, Nakhane Touré, Tribe Called Quest, Jeff Tweedy, Tom Verlaine, Will.I.Am, Julia Wolfe, Joe Zawinul, and numerous more.

Legendary New York Avant-Metal guitarist Reg Bloor has released three instrumental solo records “Viewer Discretion Is Not Advised”, ”Sensory Irritation Chamber”, and "Theme from an Imaginary Slasher" and performed at The Red Bull Music Academy New York Festival, the OFF Festival, and Basilica Drone. Long-time member of The Glenn Branca Ensemble and founder of band The Paranoid Critical Revolution, Reg’s innovative mix of frantic No Wave, Out Jazz, and screechy Metal as well as her inventive chords, angular atonality, and groundbreaking techniques, not to mention her impish sense of humor, have been an unsung influence on two generations of New York experimental guitarists.

Crystal Spires is a long time NYC record shop mercenary from Sweden.

Spencer Herbst is a musician & artist that resides in New York. Sometimes he publicly DJs records of various musical genres.

Carolyn Funk is an NYC based filmmaker, projectionist, artist and writer. She is the cofounder of Duelle Films.