Artists Space

A Video Lecture by Richard Hollis

September 22, 2013, 3pm

In conjunction with the survey exhibition of work by British graphic designer Richard Hollis at Artists Space : Books & Talks, this event presents a video lecture by Hollis filmed in August 2013. His presentation draws on a significant archive of visual material to show a personal account of his work, and its location in relation to shifting social, technological and aesthetic contexts. As such, the lecture functions as a pedagogical tool for the understanding of graphic design as a critical discipline.

Designer and publisher Stuart Bailey, who worked with Hollis in the mid-1990s, will introduce the screening.

A blue flyer with the word "OPEN." printed in yellow.
Richard Hollis, Whitechapel Gallery advertisement, 1980. [A blue flyer with the word "OPEN." printed in yellow.]

A Video Lecture by Richard Hollis. Talk documentation, September 22, 2013, Artists Space. [Video documentation of Richard Hollis giving a talk at a stage podium with reference images projected on a screen next to him.]