Artists Space

Malcolm Peacock
Prayer Requests

Over the course of the exhibition, Malcolm Peacock will complete one hour long breathing exercises in the gallery during sunrise. Individuals from the public will be invited to participate on an individual basis via registration. Desiring to create grounds of intimate exchange between black subjects, Peacock will utter the names of those brought forth by black individuals through online prayer requests during these exercises.

Let me
Let me face you
Let me
Let me see you
In that way
No one sees you

Let me
Let me lighten
What is breaking
Your chest

Let me
Let me hold it
Let me
Let me let you
Let go

Let me
Let me see you
Spread the weight
Through my bones

To enter a prayer request for yourself or in honor of someone else, please fill out the information below. Please note that the name of only one request will be spoken in each exercise. However, all requests are significant and will be read by the artist. Prayer requests will appear publicly on this page below.

Beatrice Jackson
Ellis Jane
Alphonso Harold Miller
Kyla Gordon
trina alexander
Katherine Tyree
Andy Phillips
Max Moss Rosenstraus
that true love is on the way
Ruth Holman Willis