Artists Space

Warp and Woof:
Comfort and Dissent

September 26 – November 9, 1991

Main Gallery: Warp and Woof: Comfort and Dissent

A group exhibition of artists whose work addresses the politics of worship, sex and war by subverting stereotyped or gendered processes and materials.

Organized by Connie Butler

Warp and Woof: Comfort and Dissent is an exhibition that explores the work of a group of emerging artists who employ historical or gendered materials and processes as a critical language to address the structure and manipulation of power. The metaphorization of process, the personal as political, has historically been the territory of much feminist performance art and installation. The work of this group of both male and female artists proposes a broader political critique than their feminist predecessors. They explore the fictions of worship, memory, power and its reclamation, and employ loaded processes such as sewing, baking or weaving to subvert meaning in their work and address a range of issues: gender, religion, race, work and war.

Organized by staff curator Connie Butler, Warp and Woof includes work by: Janine Antoni, Natalie Bookchin, Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio, Sowon Kwan, Dinh Le, Kim Lee Kahn, Carolien Stikker, Jason Reed and Andrea Zittel and others. The exhibition will include installation, sculpture and photographically based work.

There will be a catalogue in conjunction with the exhibition.

The exhibition is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.