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International Geographic

September 16 – October 29, 2005

International Geographic brings together two artists who consider the ways in which nature and its preservation are represented, administered, and fought for.

A small grey bird with its head and feet caught in a net.
Kelly Poe, Untitled (Chaemaea fasciata, Wrentit caught in mist net. Monitoring Avian Productivity Survivorship, Canada Gobernadora, Rancho Mission Viejo, California), 2003. Courtesy the artist and Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles. [A small grey bird with its head and feet caught in a net.]

Sydney-based Raquel Ormella has followed and sympathized with alternative, activist, or political groups. Her most recent project, 130 Davey Street, takes its title from a group of ecological activists based at this address in Hobart, Tasmania. Consisting of 18 drawings on whiteboards, the series traces in layered, multiple representations, the group’s office interiors, maps, schedules, and meeting minutes.

Based in Los Angeles, Kelly Poe has spent the last four years working with ornithologists in bird-tracking stations in the American West, where she has photographed birds caught in the mist nets and traps used to temporarily arrest them. Her images are strikingly beautiful portraits taken at vulnerable moments, as the birds rest or pause in their battle with the nets in which they are hopelessly entangled.

September 17, 2005

Artists Talk:
International Geographic

12:30 - 2pm