Artists Space

Group Exhibition and Silent Auction

December 10, 1977 – January 7, 1978

Artists Space is holding its second annual auction and exhibition from December 10 - January 7. The exhibition reaffirms Artists Space's commitment to new art that has not yet been seen in traditional exhibition contexts. This exhibition includes work by nineteen artists who represent the diversity of current art ideas by working with media as varied as aluminum, contact paper, wax, yarn, photography, lead, wood, tissue, jigsaw puzzles, pastel and concrete. None of the artists are represented by galleries. Included are:

Kathleen Agnoli
Dike Blair
Farrell Brickhouse
Vincent Ciniglio
R. M. Fischer
Fred Gutzeit
Michael Harvey
Diane Jacobs
Tom Lawson
Michael Malloy
Allan McCollum
Paul McMahon
Judy Pfaff
Earl Ripling
Livio Saganic
Mira Schor
Joanne Seltzer
Teri Slotkin
Michael Zwack

Artists Space invite the public to support artists by purchasing works of art at moderate prices. There will be no commission on sales, artists receive the full purchase price. The exhibition was selected from an extensive slide file maintained by Artists Space. By showing challenging new art and providing the public with an unusual opportunity for direct support, Artists Space hopes to engender a climate of interest and response to the vitality of emerging art.