Artists Space

Four By Four

May 7 – June 4, 2005

One of two exhibitions organized by Bard College's Center for Curatorial Studies

In Four by Four, projected works by Beatriz Viana Felgueiras, Çagla Hadimioglu, Hassan Khan, and Moataz Nasr situate the individual within an architecture to upset systems of place and belonging.

Curated by Yasmeen M. Siddiqui

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 7, 6 - 8pm

The artists subvert how systems are understood to operate by positioning people in situations to provoke resistance or an intervention. Hadimioglu uses a documentary mode in a monumental Iranian mosque. Felgueiras disrupts the modernist cube. Nasr excerpts and restages a monologue from the Egyptian film classic El Ard. Khan, working with actors, uses sites throughout Cairo as stages for performances.

May 7, 2005

Artists Talk:
Four by Four