the invited (cordially uninvited)

July 14 – 18, 2009

A series of events

What does it mean to be invited? What does it mean to be uninvited?
Would you like to buy an apple?

These questions were posted by artist Christopher D’Arcangelo in June 1978 when rejected from participating in a show at Rosa Esman Gallery entitled The Invitational, while initially having been invited to partake.
A few months later, D’Arcangelo was included in a four person untitled group show at Artists Space, curated by Janelle Reiring, for which part of his contribution entailed the exclusion of his name from the invitation card and in the catalogue. D'arcangelo displayed his formatted catalogue pages on several walls of the gallery. The three pages of this text entitled “Look Out For What You Look At”, the original letter of invitation from Rosa Esman to D’Arcangelo, and his original proposal to the Rosa Esman Gallery, were to be kept on file at Artists Space and handed out throughout the exhibition as he offered apples for sale.

D’Arcangelo's declaration is the starting point for a series of events titled the invited (cordially uninvited) curated by Krist Gruijthuijsen for the exhibition The columns held us up at Artists Space in July 2009. By leaving the usual premises of the institution, the project investigates the notion of representation by taking the matter into one’s own hands. A series of encounters with the invited artists are staged in various venues throughout and around the Soho area of New York. The chosen venues, which include friends' apartments, hotel rooms, artists' studios and temporary vacant spaces, present a mobile and rapid exchange of information in ad-hoc situations. This informal set of relationships is a reminder of the local network of events that took place in 1970s Soho, for which Artists Space functioned as one of the core generators. The events take the form of commissions, screenings, performances, talks, and one-evening exhibitions. 

Tuesday, July 14, 6pm
38 Greene Street
Ben Kinmont

Ben Kinmont's Antinomian Press distributes copies of a publication on Christopher D'Aracangelo. A van is parked in front of Artists Space where the publication is produced and immediately distributed. 

Wednesday, July 15, 7pm
Meet at the Picasso sculpture in the NYU Silver Towers Gardens (near the intersection of Houston and Greene Streets).
Alexandre Singh

Singh presents a lecture from his ongoing Assembly Instructions series.
In the talk entitled (Manzoni, Klein et al.), Singh uses sequences of collaged images shown on overhead projectors to navigate his way through an Art History of "what ifs," tangential diversions, and missed connections.

Friday, July 17 & Saturday, July 18, 2pm
Crosby Street between Howard and Grand Streets
Adam Pendleton

Three actors with megaphones conduct a performance throughout the streets of Soho based on the poetry of Hanna Weiner. Beginning in the early 1970s and until her death in the late 1990s, Weiner wrote a series of journals that channeled schizophrenic episodes into developed poetic experiments with clairvoyant and automatic writing.

Thursday, July 16, 7pm
Botanica Bar, 47 East Houston Street (Between Mulberry and Mott)
Lisa Oppenheim

Artist Lisa Oppenheim screens two films, Adynata(1983) by Leslie Thornton and Zorns Lemma(1970) by Hollis Frampton, as an inspiration and reflection upon her own practice.

Friday, July 17, 6pm 
Off Soho Suites Hotel, 11 Rivington Street
Julika Rudelius

In a hotel suite, Rudelius displays two works, dealing with the construction of economical strategies, on each of the rooms' television monitors.
Set in traditional offices and lounges in Washington D.C, the film Rites of Passage(2008) explores ambivalent game of power and dependency, domination and obedience between politicians and interns at the beginning of their professional careers in government. These relationship are observed as an almost erotic game where the distinctive sex appeal of power is a natural consequence and ingredient of “charismatic leadership.” For Economic primacy(2005), Rudelius selected five men for the video: a lawyer, a spin-doctor, a media advisor, a millionaire and a top manager. They pace around a generic office space and while they appear to be talking to themselves, they are in fact responding to questions Rudelius asks them over a hands-free phone. The five men's "monologues" discuss the importance and omnipotence of money. 

Friday, July 18, 8pm
Rooftop of Silvershed Gallery, 119 West 25th Street (between 6th & 7th Avenues), 11th Floor
Jordan Wolfson

Jordan Wolfson and Bill Tortorelli host a BBQ on the rooftop of Silvershed Gallery to celebrate their collaborative dialogue that involved an adaptation of a screenplay written by Tortorelli. The screenplay is a fictionalized drama, loosely based on Tortorelli’s experience as the chief electrician of the Empire State Building. The evening involves a selected reading of the script, an informal chat between the collaborators, and the release of Wolfson’s video project based upon the abridged script.