Film and Performance Series

April 21 – April 28, 1979

Film and Performance Series


April 21
Mitchell Kriegman, Show and Tell

April 24
Julian Maynard Smith, Psychoanalysis

April 25
Albano Guatti, Interval

April 26
Bart Robbett, The Garden & Standing up

April 27
Glenys Johnson, Simulated Performance


April 27
Gerry Wentz, Sky Break, 1978
Steve Miller, Steam, 1978
Ken Kobland, Picking up the Pieces/3 Mistakes, 1978
Kathleen King, Untitled (Marriage), 1978
Beth B and Scott B, Letters to Dad, 1979

April 28
James Casebere, An Udder Orientation, 1979
Ladd Kessler, The Sad Poet, 1979
John Jesurun, Where Are My Legs, 1978
Vivienne Dick, She Had Her Gun All Ready, 1978