Performance Series

October 15 – October 30, 1976


Friday, October 15
Poppy Johnson, Writing (about this art is this art), a continuous performance

Saturday, October 16
Donn Aron, A Strategy for Two Players

Sunday, October 17
Robert Longo, "THINGS I will regret"/ "TEMPTATION to exit" art in heaven (for Richard Stance)

Monday, October 20
Michael Smith, Busman's Holiday Retreat Revue

Tuesday, October 22
Robin Winters, Wait

Wednesday, October 23
Amy Taubin, Superimpositions, never to be shot footage  

Thursday, October 24
Susan Russell, Magnolia

Friday. October 27
Michael McClard, Clamor Clobber Comb

Saturday, October 29
Martha Wilson, Mudpie, accompanied by the artist's book, The Annotated Alice, chapter five, Mudpie

Sunday, October 30
Marcel Just, Gimme a Break