Film Series

October 24 – October 26, 1985

Thursday, October 24

Paul Arthur, The Cliffs the Silk City Detour, 1985;
Kit Hellman, Hollywood Series #1, Erratic, Hollywood Series #2, and an Afternoon Walk, 1984;
Corey Kaplan, The Monster Frankenstein, 1985;
Andrew Karp, The Juche Idea, 1984;
Buddy Kichesty, The Singing Cell, 1981;
Susan Rosenfeld, Now Playing, 1983;
Craig Schlattman, Bag, 1985;
Richard Serra, Nightfall, 1982, and Framed, 1984;
Barbara McCullough, Water Ritual #1: An Urban Rite of Purification, 1979;
Iverson White, Dark Exodus

Friday, October 25

Sharon Couzin, Salve, 1981;
Jo Anne Elam, Lie Back and Enjoy it, 1982;
Chick Kleinhans, It's Not Made by Great Men, 1981;
David Obermeyer, Snapshot/Portrait Film, 1980;
Jean Sousa, Swish, 1982;
Coleen Sullivan, Buffalo One, Buffalo Two..., 1985;
Bill Staments, Major Speaks to Group, 1983;
Bill Staments, China President Visits Chicagoland, 1985.

Saturday, October 26

Lee Sokol, Aqui Se Lo Halla (Here You Will Find It), 1983;
Nancy Yasecko, Growing Up with Rockets, 1985.