Events (Reading, Film, and Video)

April 1 – April 3, 1982


April 1
Schuldt, Life and Death in China (Liu's Dictionary populated)
Barry Yourgrau, Man Jumps Out of an Airplane

Film and Video:
April 2
David Cabrera, Covers, Say When and Untitled
Sharon Greytak, Sleeping, April 7, 1981, Some Pleasure on the Level of the Source, and Czechoslovakian Woman
Sokhi Wagner, Zone and Unrest (a working title) 

April 3
Barbara Broughel, Princess Grace and Count Vestibule, two untitled films, Genre Lesson #1 and Genre Lesson #2,
John Jesurun, Last Days of Pompeii and Stella Maris
Jessica Spohn, Peace Talk and Coast to Coast
Dan Walworth, House by the River: The Wrong Shape