Cultural Politics Between the First and Third Worlds:
Films in conjunction with
Min Joong Art: A New Cultural Movement from Korea

Film Screening and Panel Discussion

October 15 – October 16, 1988

Saturday, October 15

Films: Jin Che, Discarded Umbrella, 1985
Dongho Han, Sungjin Jung, and Jeagu Lee, Mother, 1987
Dongho Han, Hyunhwa Hong, Sungjin Jung, Misun Kim, and Youngjong Kim, Pass Over the Fence, 1987
Donghong Jang, Jeagu Lee, Myungja Lee, and Jungock Oh, The Day We Expect, 1987 and Yellow Flag, 1987

Sunday, October 16

Panel Discussion: Hal Foster, Lucy Lippard, Wankyung Sung
Dan Walworth, moderator