Artist Friends of Squat Select Films, Videos, Readers and Performers

Screenings, Readings and Performances
April 30 – May 23, 1996

Vito Acconci reads, Squat Café at Artists Space, May 14, 1996

In conjunction with Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free: The History of Squat Theatre, Artists Space organized a series of screenings, readings and performances by associates of Squat Theatre in the Project Space. Squat Theatre’s building on West 23rd Street served as the home and performance space for the company, and during the 1980s it also became an informal club for downtown New York artists. Musicians such as the Lounge Lizards, Nico, and Peter Gordon and the Love of Life Orchestra played, while artists including Jim Jarmusch, Peggy Ahwesh and Vito Acconci gathered and showed works. Curator Claudia Gould wrote that she wanted to present “new works in the same unpredictable and free spirit” of Squat Theatre in the Project Space. The model that Artists Space was founded on—whereby established artists select other artists to exhibit—was reestablished for this series of programs, in which figures such as Jarmusch and Ahwesh invited emerging performers and musicians such as Ari Marcopoulos and Ikue Mori to participate.

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Bern Nix (selected by Eva Buchmüller) performs at Squat Cafe, Artists Space, May 7, 1996

Programs Calendar

Tuesday, April 30, 7pm
Michelle Har Kim reading from her most recent poetry
+ 3º of Knowledge, an essay film by Squat Theatre's Anna Koós
+ Rebecca Moore and her band perform

Thursday, May 2, 7pm
Perry Hoberman selects Cable Xcess, a video by Kristin Lucas (5 min. video)
+ Suicide Box, a video by the bureau of inverse technology
+ Peggy Ahwesh selects Caspar Stracke and Julie Murray of Panoptical Motor, with Bradley Eros, Ikue Mori, and Komiko Kimoto (50 min.)
+ Cosmodrom, a film by Fridolin Schönwiese (30 min.)

Tuesday, May 7, 7pm
Eva Buchmüller selects Bern Nix and his trio
+ Robert Frank's film, Hunter, with Squat Theatre's Stephan Balint
+ One song by Hungarian rocker Jenö Menyhàrt

Thursday, May 9, 7pm
Ann Magnuson selects Ferrum 5000, a film by Steve Doughton (15 min., 16mm)
+ Mica TV selects short collaborative art and independent video projects by Diane Nerwen and Les LeVerque
+ John Cale selects musician Gary Lucas

Tuesday, May 14, 7pm
Vito Acconci reads
+ Nico selects Odes, Bliss Blood, Blush, Sally Timms

Thursday, May 16, 7pm
Marc Ribbot performs
+ midnight movies in prime time, including The Family Crisis by Peggy Ahwesh; She Had Her Gun All Ready, with Lydia Lunch and Pat Place, by Vivian Dick; Soul City by M. Henry Jones; Shred O'Sex by Greta Schnider, and Robert Frank's outtakes and home movies.

Tuesday, May 21, 7pm
Jim Jarmusch suggests Ari Marcopoulos, short films and videos (30-40 min.)
+ Tom Jarmusch's video, Friends (30 min.)
+Birgit Staudt and Joerg Soechting's video Marc Ribot -- Descent into Baldness (30 min.)
+ Zeena Parkins on solo electric harp (20-30 min.)

Thursday, May 23, 7pm
Joseph Kosuth and Cornelia Lauf select Aki Fujiyoshi and her made-for t.v. sculptures (30-40 min.)
+ Elliott Sharp's solo performances for Christian Marclay's music box guitar and his own doubleneck guitarbass

Wall detail, Squat Café, Artists Space, 1996

Attendees of Squat Café, Artists Space, 1996