Installation view, Salad Days, Artists Space, 2004.

Installation view, Salad Days, Artists Space, 2004.

Installation view, Salad Days, Artists Space, 2004.

Salad Days
July 15 – July 31, 2004  

Opening Reception
Thursday, July 15, 6 - 8pm            

A person's "salad days" are the days of youth, when he or she is "green" (without experience), but fresh and hopeful.…The important connotation of the phrase is the sense of crisp, fresh youth, tossed with abandon and topped with the tangy vinaigrette of boundless optimism.
– The Word Detective, Evan Morris, 1998

Artists: Brigitte Boyer, Ross Cisneros, Drew Gilmore, Lisa Hamilton, Jiae Hwang, Ezra Johnson, Claudia Joskowicz, Emily Katrencik, Lisi Raskin, Jackie Salloum, Matthew Siegle, Hank Willis Thomas

Curators: Tomoko Ashikawa, Isolde Brielmaier, Jennifer Chapek, Amy Davila, Dean Daderko, Louky Keijsers, Heather Kouris, Luisa Lagos, Jennifer Musawwir, Nicole Russo, Jeffrey Walkowiak, Letha Wilson

Emily Katrencik
Architecture: Consuming That Which Consumes, 2000 - 2004
Joint compound, concrete, lollipops.
Installation view from Salad Days,
Artists Space, 2004.

Salad Days presents the work of twelve emerging artists who are at a particular moment in their artistic career described as their “salad days”. Ten emerging curators were invited by Artists Space’s Associate Curator, Letha Wilson, and Program Coordinator, Jennifer Chapek, to work collaboratively on this exhibition and each select one artist. 

This group of curators, also in their "salad days," met several times to address conceptual and organizational aspects of the show. Each curator brings to the table their unique curatorial perspective and experience, reflected in their choice of artists.

The end result is an exhibition that showcases an exciting group of artists at the beginning of their careers and provides them with an opportunity to present their work to a broad audience. In order to shed light on the curatorial process, each curator will present both an essay on the work of the artist they have chosen, and an essay expressing their own curatorial perspectives and philosophies.

The exhibition will also be accompanied by three public events called Salad Expos. At each event four artists, along with the curators by whom they were chosen, will participate in activities ranging from discussions to performances. 

Lisi Raskin
= (equals), 2004, Digital video, 4 mins.
Installation view from Salad Days, Artists Space, 2004.