Campari Project Space
October 12 - December 8, 2007 

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 11, 5 - 7:30 pm 

Hungarian artist Judit Kurtág’s videos foster a consciousness of time in which the moving image is a keeper at the border between the immediate and memory. Her work presents an idiosyncratic harmony of sound and image, and an uncanny digital manipulation that reflects contemplation upon subjectivity. “For me reality is what really happens, what we think is happening, and what happens in our memories . . . so these three layers are mixed, in a Cubist way.” Being introspective yet open to wider explorations, Kurtág’s works play within the limits of expression where the differences between artist, narrator and audience become blurred. Taking motion as the ultimate point of reference, Kurtág embraces a liminal perception of reality instead of a true depiction of the world.

Judit Kurtág’s videos have been shown in Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Reykjavik, among other locations. Episode, a new video work, will mark her first exhibition in New York.

Installation view from Episode, Artists Space, 2007.
Photo: Bill Orcutt.