Contemporary Architecture
an installation by realities:united 
Design team: Jan Edler,
Tim Edler, Mason Juday
Planning & assembly: Mason Juday
Curated by Christian Rattemeyer
June 15 - July 28, 2007 

Opening Reception
Friday, June 15, 6-8 pm

Contemporary Architecture presents an minimalist installation by the Berlin-based architects and artists of realities:united. Two digits of 7-segment display –formed using industrial fluorescent tubes– are suspended from the ceiling. The installation is light sign, information carrier, and light source at the same time.

As a “display”, the installation is used to show the current time in minutes. At the same time –as light installation– it is the only light source inside the exhibition space and therefore it serves as the necessary pragmatic lighting source. While the displayed information is changing every minute, the over all light intensity is kept on a constant level during all times, thus the appearance of the exhibition space is changed subtly but constantly. “Below” realities:united contextualizes the installation above – both conceptually and within their work.

realities:united prioritizes organization-as-design above elemental or ornamental design. In this sense the installation’s design is the idea rather than the object. The “normal” is connected and re-arranged in a manner which results in an effect greater than sum of its parts. The goal is not to beguile the viewer with shiny objects, rather it is to collect and organize the environment in a subtle, non-intrusive, yet fundamentally altering way. This effort ideally breathes some life into the ambient technology, perhaps even some playfulness, which hints at the potential without an overt aesthetic agenda, and with an incorporative attitude towards content.

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Contemporary Architecture is supported by Elise Jaffe + Jeffrey Brown; the Swiss-based company SE Lightmanagement; and the German-based company BJB GmbH & Co. KG.

Installation View from Contemporary Architecture: realities:united, Artists Space, 2007.
Photo: Bill Orcutt. 

Installation View from Contemporary Architecture: realities:united, Artists Space, Artists Space.
Photo: Bill Orcutt.