But it was all green
September 16 – October 29, 2005

Project Space

Opening Reception
Friday, September 16, 6 - 8pm 

Ryan Gander’s work—comprised of installations, objects, illustrated novels, and manipulated situations—creates tentative and profound connections between seemingly unrelated things. Playing deftly with the powers of perspective, exaggeration, and decontextualization, Gander takes apparently trivial or tangential objects and illuminates their inherent meanings and associations. His earlier pieces have featured elusive and non-elusive protagonists, such as the artist Spencer Anthony, love interest Marie Aurore, as well as a wooden chock, and a leatherette cover. Through his varied pieces, Gander brings together the keenly observed and the elegantly imagined, continually expanding the vocabulary and possibilities of artistic discourse.

Ryan Gander works and lives in London. In Is this Guilt in You Too (Study of a Car in a Field), Gander juxtaposes the short, looped video footage of a snowed in car seen in the middle of a field with the soundtrack of a girl trying to explain what is seen. And in The Grand National, a television showing a color bar test screen slowly scrolling right to left. While all that is visible is the reflection of the colors on the wall, the soundtrack plays the description by a lady with a quintessential English accent, describing the neutrality of things and the idea of the perfect image. She poses the question what is a neutral image, and what is a neutral sound?