A New World Order III:
The Curio Shop
February 18 – April 3, 1993

A New World Order III: The Curio Shop, is a group exhibition by the Asian artists coalition Godzilla. This exhibition, which features the work of 48 artists, employs the motif of a Chinatown curio shop in order to deconstruct the mythology and expose stereotypes which form the basis for much of our society's collective attitudes toward Asian Americans.

"What does it mean to speak of A New World Order? Godzilla delineates the models that have come to represent Asian Americans throughout history by using the motif of the curio shop. The curio shop is a site conventionally associated with Chinatown tourism, a place which disperses commodities which have come to represent the stereotypes of Asian life. The work in the exhibition addresses the intervention of the United States in Asia, the absence of Asian Americans in traditional narratives of American life, and the roles of Asian Americans as they are being constructed today."
– Godzilla